It's normal to have questions about Title and Escrow. Here's some questions we get asked on a regular basis:

What is an LPO?

A limited practice officer, or LPO, is a person licensed by the Washington Supreme Court under Rule 12 of the Washington Supreme Court's Admission and Practice Rules (APR). A LPO is licensed to select, prepare, and complete approved documents for use in closing a loan, extension of credit, sale, or other transfer of real or personal property.

What if I have had issues?

We cannot give legal advice, but depending on the question, we are always here to help and resolve any issues that we can.

Can I bring my children to signing?

Of course! We will have a private room for the signings. Children are always welcome.

Can anyone request info on my property?

No. Unless they have written authorization from the clients, no third party can access information from our files.

Where is your service area?

We only service Yakima county for title searches. We offer Escrow-Only account services if you wish to use our office for distribution of funds, closing and signing etc. We will just order Title from another office in the county of your choosing.

We also offer courtesy signings/notaries for out of town buyers and sellers.

Do I get my keys at signing?

We always recommend the buyer talks to their realtor about the move-in. There may we a specific time in the contract for the exchange of keys etc.

What if my spouse can't come to the signing?

We have options.

A) If the clients are not locally available to sign in our office, our office arranges courtesy signings and/or mobile notaries within the clients area to accommodate. We have a secure UPS service (label) that will be provided with the documentation to assure originals are returned to our office asap. This will ensure a prompt closing.
B) If the clients hold a career that does not allow them flexibility for signing in the Yakima or Sunnyside area we can come to them.
C)Our Escrow Officers that are certified Limited Practice Officers (LPO) can complete a specific Power of Attorney(POA) for the signing on the sale or purchase of a property to accommodate for the missing party. If the transaction involves a lender they, will need to approve the POA.

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You have options when it comes to choosing a title company. We're you're best choice.

Here's just a few important reasons why: We are locally owned and operated, serving Yakima County since 2000. Our skilled staff holds over 150 years of industry experience combined. The client is our main focus, handling each transaction accurately and on time giving them the peace of mind they deserve

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